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Dear Stromer users,
I recently have this error message on my ST2 S, which apparently doesn't want to disappear. 0x2 10002 DRIVE ERROR
My bike worked fine in the past months without any troubles or other messages like this.
The event happened soon after I cleaned the chain and washed the bike using a detergent and then rinse and dry everything.
I entered into the service menu and apparently there is no communication between computer and battery or motor. But the torque sensor has 1.2 V. I reset and the value is close to the offset value. But the Drive error is still there after switch off and on again.
I tried to remove the battery from the compartment and install it again. No success.
Pressing the buttons plus +/- doesn't change the mode on the computer and all lights are off.
What do you recommend to do? Any checks I can do on cables or motor before going to a dealer and paying a lot of money maybe to discover that was a stupid problem I could have solved alone?
Any help is well accepted.
Thank you very much


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