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Stromer ST1 T 2017 model - saviogomes - 10.04.2019

Looking to see if anyone had any of these and could share their real world range with the 640Wh pack. I found one for $ 3,100 CAD or $ 2,100 USD and I could not say enough about 41km each way for my commute (82km round trip) and what was hoping this might make it. I'm about 190lbs and I'll keep it in the lowest two levels (out of four).

So if anyone has any experience with Stromer bikes I would love to hear about it.

RE: Stromer ST1 T 2017 model - bluecat - 11.04.2019

Dear valued user, we really appreciate your contribution to our forum!

The swiss Stromerforum is the best source for reliable 1st hand information about the premium brand Stromer. To maintain the easy access for our community, we use German language. Therefore, we would ask you to post either in German or to post in the EBR forum in the US.
Looking forward reading from you, in German, of course.