Normale Version: M99 pro behaviour daylight running light
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M99 Pro ST2S daylight running light.

I would expect that the 'U' will burn and maybe the outside leds of the M99Pro as in the promotion video.
When activating my bike the M99 Pro is providing it light via the main leds. If i press the light switch on the stearing wheel then a blue led goes on and the M99 pro get more bright.

Is this normal behaviour as i have seen other bikes behave different? How can this be changed.

Br Mark
You have two Day-Lights on your ST2s the V on the frame and left and right on your M99. The M99 has a light sensor. If you drive in a car park or tunnel, the M99 will turn on the "normal" light. You have now the possibility to switch on the head lights with the switch on the right side off the handle bar. Then a blue small LED show you that on the left back side of the M99.