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I want to use the Stromer Omni app on my iPhone. When I select "I'm new here amd wants login for the first time" I can enter my email adresses.
Because of the fact that I am using the e-mailadres from my Omni account ...
So how do I get to omni account?
the stromer reseller will create you an account on the myStromer Portal when you buy a new one and she/he will link the new Stromer to your account, you can't create an account by yourself.
If you could, the app will be show nothing and it will be useless without a linked stromer.
Only Stromer E-Bikes with builtin OMNI are capable to use it with the app, so the old ST1 is not supported.

When you sell your bike to another, you must go to a official reseller to do the account switch.
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