Normale Version: Stromer ST1 X thoughts?
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Ignoring the build vs. buy debate (I understand my money would go a lot further with a self-build) is there consensus on the Stromer ST1 X yet (based on pre-release specs)? Seems like a great compromise on the (too) expensive ST2. Is this the sweet spot in the Stromer line or less bang for buck?

Also related; does the size of the battery influence the torque or general peppiness on a modern setup, or is is strictly a matter of range/duration? I.e. Would I notice the difference in a smaller vs larger battery when they are both fully charged?
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comparing the list prices, yes.
but sometimes there are special offers for an ST2
but as well sometimes for ST1x

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no. but the bigger battery is normally the better choice even if you don't need the bigger range. tne bigger battery also often will last longer than the smaller one.
(07.04.2019, 12:25)joshuapatel schrieb: [ -> ]I understand my money would go a lot further with a self-build

I strongly disagree with this.

E.g. the very smart programming allows the use of the battery until emptiness - without significant loss of power or torque. Furthermore, I would recommend to ask your questions in the EBR forum in the US.